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Lampang Hotels

A list of recommended Lampang hotels.

 Hotel NameStar RatingNumber of RoomsLocation
Lampang River Lodge Hotel3.0 star rating60
Lampang Wiengthong Hotel3.0 star rating235
Lampang City
Wienglakor Lampang Hotel3.0 star rating100
Lampang City

Map of Lampang Hotels

Please note:

Star ratings for hotels in Thailand have to be taken with a grain of salt, as there is no established and reliable hotel rating system in the Kingdom just yet. Such a system is currently being developed under the auspices of the Thai Hotels Association and other industry bodies, and only some hotels are officially rates as yet. Today, many hotels effectively rate themselves. We try to augment this information by gathering data form agents like Studiosus® in Germany and other agencies known for rigorous evaluation of the hotels' quality and service standards.

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